Undertaking the Monumental Task of Website Overhaul

Technological Evolution

Advancements in technologies, particularly the rise of responsive design, mandated a proactive adaptation to stay current.

Service Representation Discrepancy

Our existing website fell short in accurately portraying the diverse array of services we now offer, prompting the need for a more comprehensive representation.

Aesthetic Modernization

Signs of aging in terms of design and user experience urged us to rejuvenate the aesthetics of our online presence.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

Increasing expenses related to content auditing and upkeep underscored the need for a more cost-effective maintenance strategy.

AspectsTechnological EvolutionRethinking DistinctivenessPrecision Goals and ConcernsProject ManagementBrand ReinventionProgress Unveiled
Adaptation NeedResponsive designServices representationAesthetic modernizationCost-effective maintenanceN/AN/A
Strategic ApproachN/ADistinctiveness evaluationCharters and evaluationIn-house maximizationSoul searchingProject plan and roles
GoalsN/AN/ASpecific project goalsStrategic stepsBrand strength enhancementContent and UX strategy
ConcernsN/AN/AAddressing concernsVigilant budget management, stakeholder agendas, schedule delays, interference with client work, SEO impact loss, customer base alienationN/AN/A
Project ManagementN/AN/ASmart project managementIn-house maximizationN/AN/A
Brand EvaluationN/AN/AN/AN/AInternal brand evaluationN/A
ProgressN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AProject plan ex

2. Rethinking Distinctiveness and Strategic Decision-Making

Doubts arose regarding the adequacy of a mere redesign to encapsulate our uniqueness. Specializing in web crafting, we delved into fundamental questions like “Why are we different?” and “Does distinctiveness transcend a website redesign?”

Strategic Evaluation with Charters

Our CEO, Todd Gettelfinger, introduced a practice of creating comprehensive “charters” – meticulous documents with insightful questions aimed at evaluating the value of any strategic endeavor. This involved distilling complex issues into fundamental elements, addressing feasibility, planning, anticipated challenges, and solving business problems.

3. Precision Goals and Addressing Concerns

A collective consensus led us to define specific project goals of high value, complemented by a careful consideration of associated concerns.

Strategic Goals:

  1. Effectively showcase all service offerings.
  2. Modernize the look, feel, usability, and technology to contemporary standards.
  3. Revise messaging to reflect our current identity.
  4. Ensure a responsive site for diverse user experiences.
  5. Attract a more diverse range of business, converting leads into sales.
  6. Establish industry credibility for the organization and its employees.
  7. Facilitate ongoing education for Deeesign.
  8. Showcase Deeesign culture and personality.
  9. Simplify and expedite updates in various site areas.
  10. Instill a sense of pride within the company.

Addressing Concerns:

  1. Vigilant budget management.
  2. Navigating multiple stakeholder agendas.
  3. Mitigating schedule delays.
  4. Minimizing potential interference with client work.
  5. Safeguarding against SEO impact loss.
  6. Preventing the alienation of our existing customer base.

4. Smart Project Management Strategies

In the early stages, a pivotal decision was made to maximize in-house efforts, leveraging our talented team and experiencing the process firsthand.

In-House Maximization:

  1. Leveraging internal talent with diverse skill sets.
  2. Being the client to identify areas needing improvement.

Initial Strategic Steps:

  1. Solidifying requirements for content, design, and development goals.
  2. Defining our position in the marketplace and reaffirming our company vision.
  3. Developing a comprehensive creative brief.

By treating our project like any client, we ensured early alignment among team members regarding the entire undertaking.

5. Brand Reinvention and Soul Searching

Internal brand evaluation became integral to our contemplation. A thorough examination of every aspect, including the logo, fonts, graphics, name, voice, and more, led to a reaffirmation of brand strength and equity.

This introspection underscored that our people and our approach to web design are the true differentiators. While preserving the core, we opted to enhance it through modernization of typography, colors, and associated imagery. Choosing photography over illustrations posed the challenge of effectively communicating the transformative journey undergone by the company.

6. Progress Unveiled in Transformation

With the foundational work laid, a detailed project plan, scope, schedule, and assigned roles within our team were crafted. Content creation and UX strategy took precedence. Adhering to our typical client delivery process proved crucial, fostering strong collaboration within the team – a vital aspect derived from client-oriented experiences.

Witness the brilliance of our teams as we unfold a new chapter in our digital evolution. 🚀