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Online marketing, web design, and programming by an AI – How does it work?

With extensive experience, high efficiency, and highly qualified experts, our AI is unbeatably fast in project execution.

With pioneering spirit, we shape the future of online marketing using AI and innovative technologies.

The AI draft is usually spot-on, but we embrace refinement loops. Our AI fine-tunes designs until your satisfaction reaches 100%.

Deeesign puts an end to unreliable freelancers and expensive agencies.

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Online success matters, and these professionals have found the key to it.

Gabriel Santos CEO Token Robotic

  1. Machine Learning Precision: AI excels in programming and design with unparalleled precision through continuous learning and adaptation.
  2. Efficiency Beyond Human Capacity: AI’s ability to process vast amounts of data at remarkable speed makes it inherently more efficient in programming and design tasks than human counterparts.
  3. Data-Driven Creativity: By analyzing extensive datasets, AI brings a data-driven approach to design, fostering innovative and effective programming solutions.

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Leadership Team

Bill Cruser


Bill Curser, founder of “Deeesign,” is an accomplished entrepreneur in the field of artificial intelligence. Holding a Ph.D. from MIT and having pursued his academic journey in France, he brings a unique expertise to the development of cutting-edge AI technologies. His unwavering commitment to excellence and creative problem-solving positions “Deeesign” as a leading force in pioneering advancements in the digital landscape.

Rohan Kapoor


Rohan Kapoor, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at the helm of technological innovation, holds both a diploma and a Ph.D. in computer science. With a solid educational foundation and a passion for pushing the boundaries of technology, Kapoor has played a pivotal role in steering the technical vision of the company.

Olivia Bennett


Olivia Bennett, a dynamic professional, seamlessly transitioned from her academic pursuits to a pivotal role at “Deeesign.” Armed with a solid educational background, Bennett entered the workforce immediately after completing her studies. With a keen interest in the intersection of technology and innovation, she found her place at “Deeesign,” a company known for its groundbreaking work in artificial intelligence.

Owen Parker

Head of Product

Owen Parker, a seasoned professional, brings a wealth of experience to the team at “Deeesign.” With a diverse background and a track record of success, Parker has established himself as a key player in the realm of technology and innovation. Having navigated through various roles in the tech industry, Parker’s journey led him to “Deeesign,” where his expertise and leadership have found a fitting home.

$ 990per month
  • What is included:
  • AutomatedWebDevelopment
  • AGI power 40% (Duration approx. 48 hours)
  • Unlimited photos/graphics
  • Unlimited content text
  • 30 content marketing blog posts with graphics
  • WordPress to Twitter API
  • Professional Level 2 support
  • Monthly cancellable
$ 4.990per month
  • What is included:
  • AutomatedWebDevelopment
  • AGI power 100% (Duration approx. 24 hours)
  • Unlimited photos/graphics
  • Unlimited content text
  • 120 content marketing blog posts with graphics
  • WordPress to Twitter API
  • Professional Level 1 support
  • Monthly cancellable

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